I warmly welcome you on the official web site of Multan Group of Companies, which was incorporated in 1972, started a small entrepreneur working with raw hide skin and got its present shape of Group of companies with the dedicated and committed career life of its founders and next coming generation. In this age of global competition its is necessary for a company to establish its traditions towards learning, continuous performance improvement, reactive marketing, analytical research, conceptual management and behavioral services. By the grace of God we are trying our best to achieve our goals and successfully attaining our targets. The present age is most challenging era which involves survival of nations through attainment of excellence in the modern knowledge based on technological advancement. The twentieth century made enormous progress in diverse disciplines resulting therein shrinking of world to a village. Visualizing the present state of affairs, we believe, without even iota of fear of contradiction that export sector plays a vital role in the development of the country and Multan Group of Companies is fulfilling its responsibility with a splendid cooperative teamwork among its units of group. Our organization has constant focus and emphasis on cost elements, its analysis and rationalization.

Needless to say that the MHC is quite vigilant to inject the idea of using cost information for management to ensure frugality and economy by laying sound foundation of a competitive market. Managerial insight helps increasing productivity avoid wastages rationalize cost structure, transparency in working is its goal. To meet the competitive wave which World Trade Organization (WTO) is going to unleash, the able and expert guidance of our professionals will help to reduce cost optimized the use inputs, boost and rejuvenate the same to present goods and services at the possible lowest prices with excellent quality. Evidently finance is lubricant for the operations of any type of project and forms the role of blood to re-energize the system as and when required. We believe and are fully convinced that it is to the whole team's advantage to collaborate with as many diverse minds as possible in order to bring our clients the best long-term solutions. Because we know to make hay when the sun shine and to stitch in time and save nine. Our experts are quite capable to tackle manifold intricacies and complexities usually confront them in execution of business policies. May God sanctify and consecrate MHC to contribute itself in the prosperity and affluence of our beloved country and the entire humanity.

C.E.O : Sheikh Muhammad Usman

13th. MARCH 2019 to 15th.MARCH 2019